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Marine Vacuum Pump Systems

WMW has over 20 years of experience in engineering and custom design of high end performance pump out systems for Passenger Ferries, Naval Ship installations and Commercial Shipping dockyard facilities.

High performance vacuum systems are designed to quickly and efficiently remove large volumes of waste within stringent time frame requirements. Depending upon the available real estate, pump installations can be located in an under ground vault or up to several 1,000 feet from the vessel.  

Compared to off loading sewage by pump out truck, WMW's pump out systems have been proven to be much more efficient, environmentally friendly and far less costly.

As part of WMW's commitment to service, we will undertake a site survey to determine the pump system configuration which is best suited to meet your needs. WMW will also provide any technical consultation that may be necessary to support any feasibility study or corporate presentation  With a decision to move forward, WMW's project team will be committed to ensuring a smooth and timely installation. WMW will work with your staff as part of the project management team and installation contractors as required. 

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