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Marine Vacuum Pump Systems

Stationary Marine Vacuum Pumps

AVR Series


Excellent starter models for small to mid size marinas


LD Series


     Ideal for medium size to large marinas

Larger tanks and higher performance

Pump sysyems can be located up to 1,500 feet from pump put location

Rated at 90 gallons per minute

CHR Series and Custom Engineered Solutions

High end performance guaranteed

Ideal for large and mega yacht marinas where there are multiple pump out locations required

Performace rated at 200+ gallons per minute

The CHR-J series can be custom manufactured to remove large volumes of sewage or bilge water quickly and efficiently. Systems are well suited for Navy and Passenger Ferry vessels

Models Available:

Models Available: 

Models Available: 

Mobile Marine Vacuum Pumps

DPK Electric Series

  • Excellent starter models for small marinas
  • Cost-efficient

DPK Gas Series



  • Excellent starter models for small marinas
  • Cost-efficient


 Models Available:

 Models Available


WMW Pumpout System Upgrade and Replacement Programs

CVA Funding for First Time and Replacement Systems (USA only)

In many States, funding is available through the Clean Vessel Act  (CVA) for up to 75% of the equipment and installation costs. In most States, pumpout systems are eligible for replacement after 7+ years. Eligibility and availability of funding will vary from State to State, Please contact WMW for more information on the CVA program.

Trade-in Program

WMW offers a trade-in program for marinas interested in replacing or upgrading their WMW pumpout system. Prices paid for older units depend upon the location,age and condition of the older system. Please contact WMW for more information.

Refurbished Pumpout Systems

WMW rebuilds used vacuum pumpout systems and upgrades them to current engineering specifications. Refurbished units typically include a refurbished tank that has been thoroughly cleaned, inspected, painted and tested. The remaining components used to manufacture the refurbished system including fittings, pump and electric motor are new.  In some cases WMW will use refurbished pumps and motors for even greater savings. Refurbished units usually sell quickly and are sold on a first come first serve basis. Please contact WMW for more information on availability and pricing or click here for what is currently available.

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